A tribute to a great mentor, teacher and friend

Tribute to Dr. Peter Guy Manners, Cymatics Conference 2007 from CymaQueen on Vimeo.

Words from Chris Gibbs, the last UK student and assistant to Dr Peter Guy Manners

Dr Manners began his career in England as a young, ambitious doctor and researcher in the early part of the twentieth century. Even then, he knew that medical interventions were not providing complete solutions to resolve illness. This wisdom and a strong determination for change led him on a journey to various medical and research facilities across the UK and Eastern Europe, where he acquired and experienced many cutting-edge research and therapeutic interventions that pioneered the early use of sound as therapy. Working at his clinic, home and research centre in Bretforton Hall, UK, Dr. Manners encountered many personal challenges and acquired great knowledge which led to the invaluable conception in the early 1960s of one of the world’s first-known sound therapy instruments. This development marked the birth of what we now know as Cymatic Therapy or Cymatherapy ®®, which is the therapeutic application of sound and magnetic energy, based upon research from the field of Cymatics. Dr Manners tirelessly and single-handedly developed, promoted and taught Cymatic therapy throughout the world. His greatest achievement was that he generated and inspired so much interest in the therapeutic use of sound. One only has to look at the many international qualifications, awards, attended conferences, television appearances, and students that he has trained over the last five decades to appreciate his vital contributions to this field. In more recent times and several decades past the age of retirement until the closure of his clinic in 2005, Dr Manners tirelessly continued to teach, practice and promote Cymatic Therapy to people throughout the world. Since then, his loving and supportive wife, Lady Doreen Manners, and I assisted him in his home-based practice, and in organising the vast archives of material that he wrote and acquired throughout his career. Even during the months before entering a nursing home in May of this year, he was continuously organising and reviewing his work, so that we may all benefit from his infinitely valuable legacy. Dr Manners sadly went into decline after been struck down with illness in June, but he can now rest in the knowledge that he achieved all that he had wanted to with his many contributions. I had the great privilege of working with Dr Manners during the last 10 years. He was a tremendously dedicated mentor and teacher but, most of all, a dear friend who had the compassion to treat me like family.

Thanks to everyone for their kind words, tributes and collective support from all corners of the globe, since the passing of Dr Peter Guy Manners on Friday, August 21, 2009. I am certain that it would have given him tremendous joy and assuredness to know that his professional contributions and efforts have reached and inspired so many people throughout the world.

Chris Gibbs

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