Dr. Peter Guy Manners was a man who inspired many to delve into the limitless possibilities of energy medicine.

His contributions to healing with sound and color through vibrational technology have changed the world. He touched numerous lives informing the world of the work of Dr. Hans Jenny, Cymatics, Cymatic therapy and Cymatherapy. Because of him, the world is a better place.

This website is dedicated to Dr. Peter Guy Manners’s biography and contributions to the world of vibrational medicine. You may contribute to the blog and send his wife, Doreen a note of expression.

Many of us knew of Peter’s fondness of choral music; we can now hear him sing with the heavenly choirs!

Mandara Cromwell
President, Cyma Technologies

Comments by Jonathan Goldman:

Dr. Peter Guy Manners was a great mentor of mine in the 1980's. He knew more about the power of sound than anyone I had ever encountered. One of the true pioneers of Sound Healing, his understanding of the uses of sound to heal and transform led to the manifestation of Cyma-Therapy as well as many other applications of sound to create positive shift and change. He influenced and affected many. He will be dearly missed by those who knew him.

Jonathan Goldman
director, Sound Healers Association

Comments by Steven Halpern:

" I met Dr. Peter Guy Manners when we were both speakers at the First Mind-Body-Spirit Festival in London, l977. I had read a brief summary of Dr. Jenny's research, but had no idea that a)secret video existed, and b) the theories had been put into practice at Dr. Manners' clinic. His presentation at the festival and the healing work at his clinic opened up new vistas and possibilities for the modern use of the healing powers of sound and music.

Inspired by my visit to the clinic and his writings, I featured the 'sound evidence' that cymatics provided in my first book and in all my lectures and workshops. I was honored to help spread the 'good news' that 'there was more to sound healing than meets the ear" and to introduce his work to the American mainstream.

With deep appreciation,
Steven Halpern

Tribute to Dr. Peter Guy Manners, Cymatics Conference 2007 from on Vimeo

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